Autobiographical mini-comic

Autobiographical mini-comic:My autobiographical mini-comic is based on the lead up to my sister’s wedding. I chose to draw this particular experience as it taught me the value of family and how we should cherish every moment. When my sister announced her engagement I was a young girl full of excitement – but not exactly excitement that she would be getting married… It was more excitement because I would finally have my own room and space. Panels 2, 3 and 4 illustrate our relationship during the time, hence why I was full of joy that she was leaving. I decided to make this quite humorous as many can relate to this type of sibling relationship. Towards the end of the comic we see my sister getting married and admitting that she would miss me the most. The comic takes a turn and becomes quite emotional as the final panel is essentially me in my new room (her room), realising that nothing would be the same without my sister.


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