Single gag comic – New year, new me

Single gag comic: New Year, new me

My single gag comic is titled ‘New Year, new me’. Inspiration originated from Gemma Correll’s ‘worrier pose’ as her humorous illustrations reflect peoples actual thoughts. I chose to base my comic on a student’s ambitiousness as soon as a New Year arrives. As shown above, my drawing is of a typical teenage girl attempting to start at the gym following the New Year. Rather than working out she is more concerned with her looks and what others think. I used the abbreviation ‘OMG’, expressions such as ‘EWW’ and rhetorical questions to make this drawing more relatable to students. During University a lot of students, including myself, attempt to balance out exercise, workload and jobs. I thought it would be amusing to create this as we all go through a phase like this – where we want to make a dramatic change to our lifestyle despite the courage and commitment we fail to acknowledge. This soon begins to feel like chore instead.



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